Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Under $40 Look !

I wore this look to perform at a charity event on a super sunny and warm Sunday evening ! Once it is freezing cold already in September, I am posting these photos to remind us GIRLS of how good it is to have our legs and arms out and free ... !!!

I love this " Brazilian flag " inspired look !
The Shirt and Shoes are from STITCHES always the best deals! Shirt $5 Shoes $5 
The skirt was a gift from a friend he said he found it by the garbage in his building and that when he saw it it had reminded him of me ... Great cause I love the skirt ! the cut is perfect ! 

I love the Golden Diva Shoes with the Diva cat eye make up, this look is just super powerful I was feeling Vintageeee

The earrings are from Kensington Market I think I paid $10 for them ! 

Sound Check !

Oh The Sun I love you !

You can see my photographer on these last photos, he says that all the photos on his phone are photos of me !

This one is like I am back from a rock and roll party at 7:30am ! #sovintage

Kisses Love Ju!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Change the World with Kindness !

After listening to a lot of people talk about "Changing the world" or even their own lives but who don't really take action I decided to make this video to inspire and bring some hope to everyone. 
I worked for a few weeks at a place where the employees were constantly humiliated by the employers, some of the people that were being humiliated were old enough to be the father of the ones that were using of a totally unacceptable behaviour to express their frustrations.
I also spoke with a few friends who told me how they wanted to change their lives, by changing their jobs, or relationships, but months after we talked they are still living the life that they don't want .

This circle of sadness and misery leads to really unhappy people, and when we are living unhappily we are just giving up our dreams, and wasting our energy. If we become weak and give up we won't ever be able to create a better world.

So my simple idea is:
Start the Change by being kind towards everything and everyone, including yourself and your own personal life.
Be strong inside, do not take things personal! and help build a stronger community! 
This can lead to absolutely fantastic results and these results are going to reflect in our daily lives and overall world! 
Kindness and respect is key!
I have learned how to be more patient, kind, forgiving and be brave to change what makes me unhappy, I feel focused and determined to build a better community and eventually a better world! COME WITH ME ! 
Much Love 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Yoga in the woods...

Well... this is actually yoga on top of my blankets and sleeping bag ... This was my last day at the Algonquin Park just by the Canisbay Lake.
That was my second time camping and I was looking forward to try some outdoors Yoga ! 
as you can see in the photo I used my hands to help me hold the position BUT I am now training to do it on the ground !... it's a process with awesome results if you feel that the practice is pleasant to your body and mind. 

Since I started practicing yoga I feel more relaxed and I can hear my breathing much better, funny that we breathe all day, but we don't really pay attention to the action that goes through all over our bodies and keep us alive... The practice of Yoga makes me feel more open to the earth and that may not make sense until you try it yourself, for example I felt my feet on the ground so good and so intense just by closing my eyes listening to myself and nature I could feel the connection 
body-existence. Hippie talk ? No! It is the magic of living in peace we are forgetting by living in the concrete jungle...

My Yoga Journey has just begun I got a very interesting book that I am looking forward to share what's all about once I am done reading it! Hope you like the photos and they inspire you to go up on a table and try it your self !
Much Love







Monday, May 19, 2014

Camping! Marshmallows x Healthy Meals

Camping is one of my favourite outdoors activity. I love the 24hr contact with nature and the scary sounds at night, the silence of mother nature, I can see the sky and the bright stars, the simplicity in being happy and the overdose on marshmallows ! 
I used to love BBQ but I don't enjoy living off meat. For the days out camping I thought I should have some healthy meals to start the day and balance my body so I would have lots of energy to enjoy the day in the woods !!! 

This Breakfast was the easiest and super tasty !!!

For 2 people we used ->

- 2 slices of homemade bread
- Flax Seed oil Mozzarella
- 2 leafs of kale
- 5 cloves of garlic ( yes ! )
- 2 shallots
-1 whole egg
-olive oil
-no salt !
-Fresh Avocados !

How we did !

1- Fried the garlic, the onions and the the kale sliced really thin, let it cook in olive oil
2- While the bread was toasting with the mozzarella on top
3- Placed the Kale mix on top of Bread with some Fresh Avocados and mooore olive oil on top for increased happiness !

Snaaaaack !

Fresh Fruit Salad !
Bring the peeler was the best idea ever !
I added chia seeds toooo
didn't look pretty in the photo ehehe

For Break fast 2 !

-I did the same for breakfast 1

*without the egg !
*added really thin sliced carrots
*and used a whole head of garlic about 8/9 cloves !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day in Grey

This morning when the sun came to kiss my memories
 ( a Sunday Classic )
I felt that my heart was on fire.
It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and today I woke up to Mother's Day. First one without her close to me . I think I got used to spend my dad's day away from him but mother's day... there is something different in the air. They carry us inside of them, we grow inside their body that's just the divine magic that makes me very sensitive.

They are now in Brasil, and I am here in Canada.
I wonder how many people miss their families every day living away to be able to pursue their dreams... . I also think of my friends that are here "alone". "
Saudade" *

*(  word used in portuguese for to describe the feeling of " I miss you " )

This picture of little me with mom and daddy in the early 90's make me laugh, my dad looks just like Freddie Mercury and I love that look with the tight shorts! So fit and his big smile/ moustache with my witch mom beside with her classic short hair ...

I could tell them thank you for a lot of things, since they have raised me with so much love. To be a good woman honest and brave just like them but I won't ever forget how they have motivated me to be an artist, to love music, to be kind, to respect others to be whatever my heart wanted me to be.
I know that growing up I was probably the worst, I was the only daughter and that required lots of everything but they did an amazing job. Even though there are things in life that we won't ever understand they taught me how to accept this reality and live to change what makes me unhappy.

I really hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's day. Thank you Universe for sunny days for us here in Toronto, for the ones like me that didn't get to spend this day with their moms and sons but had thought of them all day with love, I send all my love to you. We share this feeling.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Toronto living And missing

Toronto is such a magical city.
I walk all over the and it is like discovering a new world even after almost 6 years living here. 
Last Friday my mom went to Brazil, she goes home every year, twice per year, and me mmm I never went back home since I moved in 2008. 
How to deal with the " home sick " feeling? 
I hate people that complain about this country that offeres so many opportunities beauty and safety, but it is really hard to avoid the feeling of melancholy for not seeing my homeland in so long
Something that has helped a lot is the fact that I am looking forward to my first visit to Brazil, plan a trip is really motivating and can help a lot with the confusing feelings, be focused has also helped a lot, know the reasons why you are away is important, listen to yourself is also really important, by that I mean read your thoughts and feelings, what do you miss about home? And why do you miss it?
Answers that may not have an answer unless you start listening to your heart. 
I am away because I want to build a better future for me and my family, I am away because as an artist I need better opportunities and I am away because I really wanted to be fluent in English and French and Canada is a place that gives me all the opportunities I was looking for. 
I hope that my words have helped you to understand this process and that they make you stronger to survive in the homesick state of mind! It is one of the hardest missions a warrior can live, be away from the smiles and hugs sunshines and tastes but hold onto your dreams 
Glory and happiness is on the way
Just waiting for you. 
Much love 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vegan Lasagna !

Vegan Lasagna !!!

You can add more vegetables to the layers and even some cottage cheese1% !
You can use any type of potato!

Be creative !

These are some of the main Ingredients:

I like using this tomato sauce because it's pure tomato and salt, you can also make your homemade sauce.
I added fresh tomato to the Sauce Because one bottle isn't enough, the secret for a good lasagna is LOTS OF SAUCE!

For The Sauce:
- 1 onion
- As much garlic as you want, I used a clove
- 3 tomatoes
- 1 red pepper (for sweetness so you don't have to add sugar, the sauce is a bit acidic)
-Broccoli  ( use the broccoli stem too ! The part closer to the flower ! )

For the Filling:

- 1 raw eggplant thinly sliced
- 1 cooked sweet potato and thinly sliced
- Fresh Spinach
save a tomato for the last layer don't slice it too thin otherwise it will disappear!
- Oregano, Fresh Chilli Flakes ( be creatiiive ! )

* save a tomato for the last layer don't slice it too thin otherwise it will disappear!

1 - Fry the garlic with the onions and the tomatoes (Diced)
*add a bit of olive oil as the tomatoes cook and begin to release their juices
*add the broccoli
*the red peppers
*and the sauce
*Let it cook in low heat for at least 15minutes

******** Get the water for the pasta going ! The bigger the pot the easier it will be to keep the shape of the pasta! Cook it to the point that it will be a little more firm than " al dente ". The size of the noodle will be thicker once it is cooked ! (The sauce helps to cook the ingredients)

2 - First Layer !!!
*Potato (  For a solid bottom !)

3- Second Layer!

4- Last Layer!
* The Fresh Tomatoes ( if using cottage cheese add it first )
* Oregano

Oven 350C for 30minutes ! but check after 20minutes ... just in case !

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday Meal preparation for the WEEK !

I usually shop for my food at the same place, the cheap super market by my house has everything I need including some ORGANIC stuff for a very affordable price, yesterday I went to a different super Market downtown Toronto where everything was 3X THE PRICE! yes 3X! for vegetables fruits and everything else! I know everyone is really busy and sometimes you gotta shop for your food wherever is more convenient. Keep in mind shopping at places that sell local fruits and vegetables from local farmers is not only good for your pocket BUT for the system around us, make an effort and choose a day of the week to shop for your food and prepare your meals, this way you can always have something delicious with you to eat when you go out to work, school, before/after the gym or any other activity you will do out of your house, save more $ and more ENERGY. I feel happier and more energetic for eating every 2/3 hours and for adding fresh food to my meals!!!
I hope you enjoy the recipes!
I bought all this for $40.00! I know the orange juice has lots of natural sugars but I need vitamin C and I am going to add the juice to my morning shake, as well as the pomegranate juice the Ginger, Pear, Celery, Apple and Banana! I add fresh ginger to my Teas!
Some of the items I bought are Organic. 
I got the pork tenderloin, it is the best part of the pork, 2 big pork loins cost me $8! 
I found out that pork once cooked properly is really full of Iron and Protein! I will add Iron to my diet as much as I can! I did a blood test and it turns out I have anemia and this is why I felt tired all the time. Instead of taking pills, I chose to get the Iron from my food.
So there is also some Fresh spinach! (Full of Iron)
Sweet potatoes for Breakfast! 
That tomato sauce you find at any Market is the Best! The only ingredients in it are Tomatoes and Salt!!! No sugar or any bla bla bla fake flavours, you add whatever you like, me usually loooots of garlic! mmmm 
Coconut oil... 

I added coconut oil and sea salt to the veggies, covered with foil paper and roasted at 350F for 30 minutes. The zucchini cooks faster than the carrots and beets so I cut the zucchini thicker, beets and carrots super thin!  

For the Pork Tenderloin I added a tiny bit of olive oil, sea salt. With a knife I made some holes in the meat and filled it with fresh garlic! Under the meat I put thin slices of white onion, Note *if you put on top or on the sides it burn! another tip, place the meat with the thicker end overlapping the thin. Because I cut the loin in 1/2 the thin end will cook faster and gets dry if you do not cover it. With that helpful little tip it cooks to perfection (also at 350F ) Until you see it is ready the approximate time should be around 30/40 minutes.


Beans = Iron, only added Bay leaves and Sea Salt 
(Easy on the sea salt it is stronger than regular salt)

When my veggies were ready I put them in the blender with some roasted garlic, the juice from the beans, a cup of water. The dots of oil you see are from the coconut oil
You can roast the garlic by placing it on some foil paper and putting in the oven 350F for 5 to 10 min it roasts super fast
For more flavour you can top it with olive oil, salt, black pepper ...

I made this amazing soup which I will have for dinner once I can't have carbs before bed!
Fresh Spinach on top for moooore Iron! 

This one is The tomato sauce. The way I make it is with loooots of garlic, onions. You may add any other vegetables of your choice. I added broccoli, mushrooms and some Bay scallops to accompany some whole wheat pasta! The secret to get a really good sauce is, let it cook for a while in a low heat, stir, stir, stir ...  I don't cover the pot cause I think that it is easier to reduce the sauce this way it will make a mess in your stove but it is worth it ! Yums !

Quinoa ! 

Many people over cook or under cook the grain, to get it perfect put it in a pot and cover it with water let it boil and check it often. When you notice that the center has only a little white dot, different than when you started, and the grain was all white. Turn the heat off, it is ready!
I just added fresh peas, corn and raw onion to this one and let it cook with the grain! 

Mashed sweet potatoes for breakfast !

My meals !!!          

I hope I've inspired you to make fresh delicious food at your house! 
Much Love 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Havana Beach

Hello you there

My first 2014 post I am back full of ideas for the blog and new exciting things happening in my life so fast


 the coldest winter ever ever ever and I am thinking of the sand constantly

My lungs are happy here 
but somewhere inside of my dreams I can smell the sand

I never posted the pictures from Havana
More calm, alone ...

 where I met on my first day alone alone Barbara, Brazilian from Aracaju teaching a friend the portuguese rule for mas/mais … Isabel, Italian ! Right on their first day about to travel all over Cuba in a car exploring 
They Both spoke perfect spanish !!! and german, and english …
We were on a Bus, I heard them talk... Said Hi 

This bus drove about 20min to arrive on the Beach that was blue, warm and the weather was finally good after 3 days of pure rain, the heat I love, sand Beach … Toes on the water, salty water

I got to sing with the band some classic Brazilian Tunes such as girl from Ipanema
What a feeling

I also found TAMALES!
 that tasted exactly like brazilian Pamonha , a moist cake made of corn wrapped in corn leaf
the corn can be sweet or salty

this one had cheese and loots of spicy salsa mmmmm 

Second day of Beach I got up as early as I could and went again to hang alone under the sand with my notebook, cold beer, camera …Lonely thoughts

Really taking these shots with the 10 seconds timer 

Tamales !!!

With Barbara and Isa