Friday, February 22, 2013

Dance group GRUPO CORPO in Torontoooo !

                                                         Hellooo Toronto!
                                                     Guess who is coming to Visit us ???
                                 GRUPO CORPO ( The Brazilian Dance group " Body Group" )

" Breu features a dark score by multiple Latin Grammy-winner Lenine and showcases some of the troupe's most aggressive and confrontational choreography to date, infused with the polyrhythms of Latin and African dance. "

 You can get tickets here *** at the Harbourfront Centre Website !!!

    I am going with my mom tomorrow,  beautiful Saturday Night.The name of the show is very Brazilian Sem Mim & Ima,  " Without me & Ima " ?! ?!
   I remember living in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais . I never had a chance to see the group before ! yehaa oh Canada

  " To see the GRUPO CORPO dancing, is like the questions between traffic, nature and culture are all  being answered . It's the diverse " Brasis", the past and the future, the erudite and the popular. Inherited from the foreigners, local color, urban and the suburbanites,  all at the same time being resolved as art. Brazilian art. World's Art " Helena Katz

Their Website !!!

    Quando se vê o GRUPO CORPO dançando, é como se as questões do trânsito entre a natureza e a cultura estivessem sendo bem respondidas. São os diversos Brasis, o passado e o futuro, o erudito e o popular, a herança estrangeira e a cor local, o urbano e o suburbano, tudo ao mesmo tempo sendo resolvido como arte. Arte brasileira. Arte do mundo.
Helena Katz

* Love and flowers to the beautiful photographers

Friday, February 15, 2013

A late Valentine's

I loved for the first time when I was 11, the guy was 14 and of course he didn't care about me so I started things with a broken heart, then when I was 13 I loved another gentleman that was 16 and things didn't work cause probably he didn't want to be seen around with a " baby " , Loved again when I was 15 he didn't care about me too, and finally when I was 16 I met my real first love, it was a beautiful love story, and sometimes I really miss the way we were good friends, that was a beautiful love that lasted 5 years, that was my first BREAK UP, oh boy that hurts, and I survived!!! ... now, I am 24 I met a beautiful man that I could probably spend a century telling about all his qualities and the beautiful things he makes me feel, but I will assume that we all loved, at least once to know what I am talking about, I wanna make him a garden of love and write beautiful stories in our lives oooo 
Love so necessary for a girl like me with a Bossa Heart <3 nbsp="" p="">

" Doce de Leite " ( south american magic " caramel " ) , banana/cinnamon cookie, and strawberry simple and delicioussss

2 baby burgers topped with aged cheddar and bacon wrapped in prosciutto and bacon mashed potatoes
Yesssss Bacon  

and the most beautiful roses I've seen in my life ... WHITE ROSES !

awwww I love when people call me juju 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Acid Jazz

Saturday Night in 2010 ( brought the pictures back ) , a little nostalgic after downloading music all night and finding all these new " Acid Jazz " I never heard of before ! 
Koppo, and Nicola Conte are repeating over and over and over on this crazy new itunes I can barely use... 
Nicola Conte is just incredible he uses lots of brazilian beats, and yes he gains my heart for that.
Tomorrow is my favourite beautiful Sunday I am going to wake up and go to Samba class oh beautiful Vintage black and White world , nighty