Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brazil Fest 2013 ! 10 years of Festival in Toronto !

It was 9am when I woke up, to go meet Make up artist and sweet friend Melissa Santo, this is how my day started I was still sleepy when I got on the bus and it took me a while to realize = 1 it was Sunday my favourite day of the week and 2 in a few hours I was going to be on the Stage sining and playing with my sweet friends, celebrating 10 years of Brazil Fest !!!

I have never really felt that way before a performance, calm , happy and super ready to go do what I  love the most and has helped me to be stronger in life, Sing... The power of Music !

I got to play 2 songs with my sweet Friends from the MARACATU group BAQUE DE BAMBA, Ana Maria (Alfaia ) Milene Hada, Juliana Nogueira (Xequeré) and Flávia Oliveira (Agogo) , they also sang the coro for the Afro- Samba and Ijexá that we played and made the stage look like a garden ... 

I felt that we did super well, part of it was the band in harmony and me feeling confident I was happy to see us together ... sweet team 

Blue Look and sweet Bass, Adam Stevens , Piano and Elegance Chris Pruden and Drums and lots of help Fraser McEvoy, I wanted to hug them super tight so happy I was to play with such talented and sweet boys, I am now looking forward for the next gigs and all the sweet projects that I have for us ! More Music More Samba, Bossa and me saying " believe in your dreams " lines on stage lol

Where is Juliana ?

After the Show I got to hang out with my sweet friends and Family 

Arilda the woman that makes the magic Happen !

My sister Pel and Brother Leo

Gorgeous friend Damaris making the Caipirinhas

Sweet friend Ricardo

 My angel Isis
 The team hehe

 Luanda and Aline Morale's daughter Clara

 I have found some feelings I lost a while ago I feel extremely happy and satisfied my dad has told me many times that happiness lives inside us, and now slowly I am discovering that 

***Look of the day was $31 _ $19.00Skirt $6.00top, $4.00 Bracelet and $1.00 flower 
 all from Sirens @Dufferin Mall in Toronto