Thursday, October 14, 2010

I learned how to be patient with everybody, that I forgot to be with myself ...

It took me 21 years to learn .
It took me 210000 words, sentences and " advices ".
One day I notice I was letting someone , someoneS, oneS lots ...
I first had a quiet stomachache and then they came more and more often until the day I had to stay home because of it ...
So much that I had to have a serious conversation with myself .
She said: "Sorry"
I said: "Sorry"
But we knew things weren't the same anymore.
" It takes a while until you find yourself in life"
or something like that .
I didn't like the phrase that much to remember it.
I was drinking my wine and thinking about how I wanted to to to , I wasn't patient with myself already . Again .
Over and Over.
People suck your ... My .. our ... Energy ?!
Listened to things that I didn't want to , did things that I regret , not just one and that's it .
God ! It took me 21 years to learn.
And I never learned!