Thursday, September 26, 2013

A trip to Explore and Rediscover myself Cuba Part I

Leave Canada ...

I woke up, did the things I like , went to work but ... I knew that  once that day was finished a new everything was about to start, after a cloudy year I could barely hear my own thoughts , the relief had finally arrived, I couldn't wait to see the ocean. I knew what I had to do and how I wanted to do, I just didn't feel strong enough, I was too hurt and go away was the cure .

I felt really scared, The first week I was safe and fine with my mom at a Resort but then I was going to follow my adventure by myself, with a few phone numbers and names of people that would maybe help me. I needed to find Teachers for Guitar and Percussion lessons , house, food, friends...
 I had to explore .

I left home at 3am, and it was the best feeling ever,  I knew I was leaving my bedroom to come back new, I spent many days starring at my walls wondering and wondering, leave was my proof to myself that I was strong and I was ready to come back knowing that life is a beautiful dance, I wanted the sun to bring me all the positive feelings that I was really about to lose .

Got to the airport, had to check in my guitar, I knew they were going to throw my guitar all over that plane but I let it go ... from that moment on everything was going to be about Luck ...
My bag was heavy but carry the heavy felt good, everything I needed was there

Time to Fly !!!!!!!

It felt magical to see my dreams sitting right there by the clouds... I wanted to go away, see the ocean , I was as strong as I could be and that was the time I needed to let the ocean take away the grey days

aaand we arrived at the Frank Pais Airport in Holguin, Cuba ! as soon as we got off the plain I could smell and feel the heat, that was the feeling that I missed so much I was the happiest but mom was looking prettier... I walked away to get myself a cold beer
 1- I was on vacation 2- you can drink whatever you want in Cuba and 3- heat and beer go really well together 

The Hotel ! Riu Playa Turquesa 

Hello Ocean 



Arrive at the Hotel was finally the " aaaa I am here " feeling, I saw the Ocean and I could feel my heart dancing in happiness, I ran to my room to change, ate a bit, played some Maracas with the Hotel's band and raaan to kiss the Ocean, the moment I waited for, for so long arrived and I wasn't even wearing a bikini ....

My " Cuba Diary " Inspired on Che's Diary where he also wrote poems it was taken away from him when he was killed in Bolivia on October 9, 1967

Big beautiful leafs all over

My Room with mom 

Fingerprints in Holguin

Walked for days, never slept
She was a dot living in the red 
Broken flowers, Did you hear the promises?
Beautiful are the words
touch my arms but please don't stop this sweet dance
the dreams are sitting right there by the clouds
Couldn't walk her feet was blue 
The eyes were open but she couldn't see
Blind heart 
Big Smile 
Felt toes touching the sand 
Fingerprints ended the story 
Forever exists