Monday, April 29, 2013

FAT 2013 ! Fashion Art Toronto !

 Back to the modeling world, this last Saturday I had the pleasure to be part of the 6th day of Fashion Art Toronto ! here is a link to their website if you wanna get involved with the festival for next year !

The designer was Lubica, a Slovakian ( super beautiful ) woman that now lives in Jamaica, which probably really inspired the collection and the show that started with 3 Gorgeous girls dancing  ! 

All these shots are from this website You can find more and more from the other shows there !

It was a beautiful day for me not only because it is my passion to model, I grew up really doing this but mom and someone I really love was there to see me and I felt happy and proud to share this day with them , I also met photographers, models, make up artist, designer so many interesting people sharing the passion for Art, it was really a beautiful magica day <3 nbsp="" p="">
Enjoy !

Love Ju


Okay seriously how did I make this leg move and didn't hurt myself ? Afro blood ... 

                                These ladies have absolutely the best moves ever !

 There she is the beautiful Lubica with her gorgeous tanned skin wearing one of her own Designs the cutest black dress ever ! 

                        My mouth is open because I can't shut up even when I am modeling lol

You can also follow FAT on INSTAGRAM ! here is some shots they posted more me with the mouht open trying to communicate !

This is a shot by the fantastic MUA Andre Hebert ! 

Don't breathe .... 

 All together now <3 br="">
 Thank you Lubica !