Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter !

Easteeeer ! 

For me it's easter every day, so today no fun with chocolates and chocolates ...

Found this shoes at Sirens ( Dufferin Mall ) for $10 !!! yeee !

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I wanna be a Vj for MuchMusic Canada !!!

Sunday 11am February 24th and Friend / Super mega talented make up artist Lucy was ready to start my " I wanna look 50's, make up, for my audition video for the MUCH MUSIC Vj Search" ! Lucy , Martha, Horst and Chris were out of their beds at 9am getting ready to come for a whole day of Team, Everything was special because it was all work for love and belief and without their help would be mega super hard (maybe impossible) to really do things that good (and have lunch by myself editing would be super boring)

Hair  dooooone !

Make up done ! Adele inspired eyeliner ! I am so bad with the eyeliner I want Adele look every day !!!! 
P.s - this super bright red lipstick lasted over 6 hours ( had to use a straw for liquidsss ) 

Places we shot

1 - Dufferin Grove Park
2- The Royal Conservatory of Music *
3- Royal Ontario Museum
4- Beautiful Nathan Phillips Square 
5-Rooftop from my friend's work hehe



Office Yes a famous guy got this and forgot it at the office hehe

Lucy !!!!!!!!!

                                                          Rooftop and it's a wrap !

Oh wait, One more! 
                                                           Director Chris and Buddy Horst !