Monday, June 27, 2011

My favorite one of all the crazy fellings I discovered in this life, is that you can do anything you want ! ... passion that controls you

Thiago Souza - Piano , Digue Braga - Guitar , Donny Milwalkee - Drums , Darren Moore - Flute/ Saxophone , Sam Morton - Bass


I went to bed at 4 am after cooking all the food I wanted for the BBQ, right after all. I woke up earlier than any other Sunday morning since long time ago.
Finished my cooking happy and went to Humber to meet the boys there.
Rehearse before the show, Humber is far, run back home, get ready ...
Go to the Park ...
It feels like I am singing in my backyard, that's what Christie pits Park feels like for me, and all that happy Latin community, and my friends, my band with super young musicians that are so good so good that I forget to sing because I start listening to the pretty music they are playing.
My dad in front of the stage dancing with my friends and mom.
WoW there is the Sun we were waiting for ....
It's the last Song ...
One more One more One more...
we have to go ...
BBQ, we deserve it...
I want more <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer GiG !! Oakridges Fair

Dia lindo de verão, sábado em Toronto, Sentados no carro, atrasados para o Sound Check, e um poquinho nervosa, afinal é a nossa primeira vez, virgens uns dos outros já não somos mais.
Cantar no palco me faz sentir coisas loucas, e adrenalina me enche de pensamentos que eu gosto.
Pronta pra Próxima.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A million Kids in the Park

I just saw a million kids playing in the park.
Girls rolling down grass hill, WATER GUNS , a crazy soccer/baseball thing, and the even more little ones were having the time of their lives in that colorful playground ...
A girl wearing a THE BEATLES shirt, a boy wearing a KISS one.
It's a sunny day, they smile, wear funny shirts, hats, shoes. Kids stuff.
No parents around.
They didn't notice how I wish I was playing with them, my eyes were jealous.
I just got home and from here I can still hear their voices screaming fun and happiness...
All these feelings ...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brazil Folia is Coming ! Assistam o Comercial !!! July 9th !

Brazil Folia vem este ano em um espaço super Bacana, 99 Sudbury, in Toronto, e terá várias atrações tocando Samba, Axé, Forró e muito mais ! Para mais informações acessem o website ou me ligue !!!
Assista o promo video do festival

Saturday, June 4, 2011

As coisas que ainda são passageiras

E os amores que ainda não duram a vida inteira.
Hoje meu almoço me deu dor de estômago, meu jantar ...
Me deu mais dor de estômago ainda .
2 horas ensaiando
contando e cantando
e na verdade ainda não foi suficiente .
Passageiro .