Saturday, July 21, 2012

Um POst de Verão

Don't be afraid, use colors and colors 
Rainbow feelings
pic 2, my zipper is open, the photographer has bad sight !
More Sun
Less words
Rainbow feelings

Monday, July 2, 2012

Meshugga in Torontoland

 When the sun comes for his annually visit bringing all the high degrees in his luggage it's time for loooots of concerts in Canadaland, not only a bunch of famous bands but all over the country you can find Jazz Festivals featuring bands that you probably never thought you would see in your life time ! Last year I went to a " circle song " with the master Bob Mccferin , he was sitting in front of me , super mega close there wasn't more than 30 people inside the theater and his wisdom words were very positive and important in my life ! 

This is a Metal concert for the Band Meshuggah ( ) , wearing my classic Metal look, cowboy boots and something that I think that makes me look sexy bad hehe and of course skulls !!! <3


                                       Toronto view from " The Sound Academy " Sunset