Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now we say a long Good Bye.

I went to the water with my mother
And I wanted to go back home, my phone is always the centre of my attention and we he said hi, my confused feelings tired of all those questions decided that now I make the questions .
I wanted to know more about his life, what he is doing lately and where he is going because I know he is going somewhere .
He answered all my ?
He is going away for ever, leaving the country and now that's the moment to say Good Bye , Good Luck , Have a Good new Life and my head is just confused with all these feeling .
I don't know what I am doing anymore, I just know how different life is now .
I know we are learning , we are growing up, and everything that would be possible is coming to be true, for you and me , boy and girl, man and woman .
Man and Woman.?.
Am I a woman, are you a Man ?
Today I went to bed with you in my thoughts and I woke up with your taste in my soul ...
Sometimes I don't know anymore , other times I know too much .
Are we strong ?
I mean, strong enough ?
We are never strong enough to lie , but we lie all the time.
I see we, us ... It's me .
E agora fico assim, vivendo, pensando te amando, desejando