Friday, June 28, 2013

Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts

Oh and here we are at The Royal Ontario Museum, and I can take as may pictures as I want of whatever I want without having someone telling me " One more shot and I will have to kindly ask you to leave the museum " ... =/
It was a special evening that I got to not only hang out with all the special artists and figures of Ontario that supports the arts made by local artist but all the catering people were mainly Brazilians so it was the perfect combination of amazing environment and beautiful company

" The Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts are annual awards created in 2006 by the Government of Ontario. The awards recognize the outstanding achievements of artists and arts organizations and their contributions to arts and culture in Ontario over a significant period of time. "

The 2013 Premier’s Awards Artist Award Finalists were :
* for more details about the artists Just click on their name and it will take you to their website =)

Lydia Adams

Lydia Adams

Music — Caledon East

Iain Baxter&

Iain Baxter&
Visual arts – Windsor 

Jane Bunnett

Jane Bunnett
Music – Toronto 

Charlie Foran

Charlie Foran
Literature – Toronto

Micah Lexier

Micah Lexier
Visual Arts – Toronto

Shelley Niro

Shelley Niro
Visual and Media Arts – Toronto 

 * all the nominated artists had to select an emerging artist and my boyfriend was there for that, soprano saxophonist, flutist and bandleader Janne Bunnet, picked lucky Trombone player Christopher Butcher ( ) to be part of this amazing event with her,  and more lucky me got to go and share this moment with all these very special people
For more beautiful info on Jane's story check her website !
* ->

 Hey ! Real Dinosaur  I am at the museum ! hehe

 In the end of the event I was really really classy and wrapped some chocolate deserts in toilet paper to bring home with me mmm

Little Wikipedia explanation on who is this pretty Lady with a gorgeous smile in the photo with us: 
 " Kathleen O'Day Wynne (born May 21, 1953)[1] is a politician in Ontario, the 25th and current Premier of Ontario and a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, representing the riding of Don Valley West for the Liberal Party. She is the first premier in Canada to be openly gay and the first female premier of Ontario.

                     The Out fit .... Finally hehe , I am not really good with make up I am really a mascara foundation and I am ready type of lady I am now really into bright colors for lipstick but I put lots of silver and eyeliner for this look so I thought that just a clear shinny gloss would do it ...
I found a belt that super match the shoes this whole look was under $50.00 not including the accessories ! Spend money in a good purse and good jewelery is special but clothe in North America is so cheap, you can have an amazing style and don't pay crazy like in Brazil, this dress is 100% cotton and the style of the Fabric is what our mothers would wear when they were little ladies I am super into the vintage old school kind of look which went in the different direction of what I had planned for before I wanted to look sexy lol

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Latino Diversity Festival June 26-28 @Carlton Cinema !

Pink Latino is a Latin American film festival that promotes recent movies with the theme :
  LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual , Transgender ) . The movies are screened in Canada Brasil, Chile, Colombia and Panama.
This Festival is not only interesting because of the theme that explores the minority that suffers with society's ignorance but it also promotes movies that are made in South America, even though the industry grows every year with amazing movies and new Directors, 90% of the movies watched in the Latin America are from foreign countries .
" The development of local movies has an important part, creating possibilities of reflection about our own experiences"  ...  

If you want to know more about the festival and the movies that this year are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, check their website -->
AND they are promoting on their FACEBOOK page Cheaper and even FREE Tickets  -> 

* Bellow my selfies Rainbow Photos

x Love

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Rain and Promises

Oh hello Monday here you are ... Well... Mondays were created for you to feel guilty about the things you did on the weekend, isn't it ?! I overdosed on music and candies yesterday and I am absolutely happy about it. I also got to spend the day with my little helper which was a little mad at me for leaving him alone for so long during the week while I was taking care of my own business = music and the work that gives me money just so I can make more music ... Well here is my Monday  resolution 
And here is us yesterday really enjoying the sun and the drums with my sister Jaquie !!!
Be classy is really important even if you are just holding the door for the plastic pee room while your friend pees for 3.000 minutes 
To finish this little weekend guilt story I had to wake up and go shopping today just so I could feel better about the extra 3. 000 kg I gained yesterday 
I first made sure that I was almost in shape 

Then I picked the shirt 

And went super selfie 

 This was my Monday shop the leopard rainbow shirt and the super cute cat socks from H&M ( that may reduce my super stinky feet issues ) the ring is my fav ring in the world and my pandora bracelet which hasn't  seen a new charm in a while ... ( hey you, gift me with a charm, they are suppose to be a memory of something special that happened to you  or us hehe! ) one day I will get this ring made in silver with mother pearl mmmm
Well this is it for today I am wishing you a healthy sweet week full of broccoli and candies yeee love and balance xo