Thursday, March 31, 2011

OKAY WE NEED A 48 HOUR DAY ! Photosoot preparation. Theme : ... SECRET!

My very favorite T-SHIRT ! Check the neck detail on the last picture!
My mom HANDMADE that with different COLORS!
SHOES ( navy ) were 5$ at H&M
MAC Lipstick
MUA me learning

Tired, and confused , cars are amazing BUT
Blah !
Headache and shot, fake hair was heavy and
gave me this"I can hear 100 bells in my head"
sensation ! wakaaaaa
It's 8am, bed is warm, my phone is ringing.
Great. It's my mom saying : "Come get the hair now or bye "
I had to go ( I needed the hair for my photo shoot ! )
I felt that I didn't wake up until 11. When I realized, that some days ( one day everyday) you have to make of it
YOUR day.
Doesn't matter what!!!!!!! Spend the day doing all what you love.
I met Tara Markus today and soon I will be talking lots about her .
We talked, she left, I cried of happiness....
then I went to a photo with my friend ( the photographer) RICCI!
I CAN'T WAIT to post the pictures!
at Ryerson University just in the Heart of Toronto DOWNTOWNLAND !
It gave me this huge feeling of " I miss Journalism university in Brazil" ... but ... Here I am . Choices Choices and in the end of the day I was so tired that I slept for 45 min and now I feel new !
Ready for another Dream day
give me a coffee grrrr

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beer Olympics GUESS WHO WON ? US !

Pinup Red and Black Inspired
The Competition !!! ( Watch Clarisse so good at it that she finished first and was helping )
Okay Guys let's be Honest !
Yeah Guess what ?! WE WON !
Ana Left the Group !!!! aaa
Guilty face
Okay my mother got mad me won it and it's not the Beeest thing I've done in my life but come on!!! WE WON ! 2 Girls and a boy and yeah we won hehehe

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recording a CD isn't as easy as I thought !!!!

Forever 21 Shirt, American Eagle Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, Ed Hardy Bag

I had a meeting with my friend/sound engineer yesterday about my CD.
We want it to sound the best ( he is just so professional ) that I know , we will spend $$$ lots and it will take lots of rehearsing to get ready to do it once the studio will charge us per hour and this specific best studio is super expensive.

I wish I had all the money in the world to spend on music and saving kids.
I wake up I go to bed I write my songs, I make plans plans and plans get stuff done make more plans.
I should write songs in English maybe it's better to make money, but my real feelings aren't in English and most of the time, ( all the time ),
I write about my feelings
My own feelings, The feelings I get from other people, and from the war we live .
Some times I just want to record a whole CD in Portuguese but slowly I feel that my brain is starting to work more in English, sometimes I dream in English and that's super scary .
A perfect Circle is coming to Toronto on July9 and I kind of wanted to keep it in secret because i haven't bought my tickets yet, but hopefully I will have them as soon as I have $$$.
You see ! Again ! It's all about the $$$$

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dressed to ROCK and get a hangover

Brazilian earring made by the aboriginals from the Amazon second biggest river in the world .

H&M Shirt , America Appeal Tights , Guess Shoes, Bag I bought very cheap in Cuba . Pizza in Italy . ! .

Different then what I usually do with the HEAVY METAL inspiration, I dressed more like the
" Girl from Amazon "
The band is called
-> Melechesh

They rocked on the concert I loved how they dance together they have harmony on stage and that was wonderful to watch

Monday, March 14, 2011

All my love for Japan 日本のすべての私の愛

Japan is the east country in the world, they believe they see the sunrise first in the Earth, it's called " SunriseJapan" and they exist to shine for other countries like the sun ...
That's what this flag means, stronger meaning before world war 2 .
Knowledge passed by my sweet Japanese sister Mai Ishida
All our love for the Japanese population.
I met lots of Japaneses on ESL school definitely the sweetest and most educated people. For my friends all my love and my hope that your family is safe .

It's almost spring I am trying to dress a little bit more comfortable but it isn't that warm yet. Sunny and shinny days but very windy ...

I swear it's sunny .

Saturday, March 5, 2011