Thursday, March 31, 2011

OKAY WE NEED A 48 HOUR DAY ! Photosoot preparation. Theme : ... SECRET!

My very favorite T-SHIRT ! Check the neck detail on the last picture!
My mom HANDMADE that with different COLORS!
SHOES ( navy ) were 5$ at H&M
MAC Lipstick
MUA me learning

Tired, and confused , cars are amazing BUT
Blah !
Headache and shot, fake hair was heavy and
gave me this"I can hear 100 bells in my head"
sensation ! wakaaaaa
It's 8am, bed is warm, my phone is ringing.
Great. It's my mom saying : "Come get the hair now or bye "
I had to go ( I needed the hair for my photo shoot ! )
I felt that I didn't wake up until 11. When I realized, that some days ( one day everyday) you have to make of it
YOUR day.
Doesn't matter what!!!!!!! Spend the day doing all what you love.
I met Tara Markus today and soon I will be talking lots about her .
We talked, she left, I cried of happiness....
then I went to a photo with my friend ( the photographer) RICCI!
I CAN'T WAIT to post the pictures!
at Ryerson University just in the Heart of Toronto DOWNTOWNLAND !
It gave me this huge feeling of " I miss Journalism university in Brazil" ... but ... Here I am . Choices Choices and in the end of the day I was so tired that I slept for 45 min and now I feel new !
Ready for another Dream day
give me a coffee grrrr

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