Monday, March 21, 2011

Recording a CD isn't as easy as I thought !!!!

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I had a meeting with my friend/sound engineer yesterday about my CD.
We want it to sound the best ( he is just so professional ) that I know , we will spend $$$ lots and it will take lots of rehearsing to get ready to do it once the studio will charge us per hour and this specific best studio is super expensive.

I wish I had all the money in the world to spend on music and saving kids.
I wake up I go to bed I write my songs, I make plans plans and plans get stuff done make more plans.
I should write songs in English maybe it's better to make money, but my real feelings aren't in English and most of the time, ( all the time ),
I write about my feelings
My own feelings, The feelings I get from other people, and from the war we live .
Some times I just want to record a whole CD in Portuguese but slowly I feel that my brain is starting to work more in English, sometimes I dream in English and that's super scary .
A perfect Circle is coming to Toronto on July9 and I kind of wanted to keep it in secret because i haven't bought my tickets yet, but hopefully I will have them as soon as I have $$$.
You see ! Again ! It's all about the $$$$

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