Monday, July 25, 2011

HeavyTO !!! 100amps for Megadeth and The pretty Opeth

A whole day of I love summer Festival and heavy Music
Pictures by Chris and Me ( more him )

Not that I love Anthrax but it's part of the History
I really enjoy this
One of the sexiest . He has my heart .

haha We are So Lucky !!!

This thing is crazy is REAL GUITAR HERO yes you play with your favorite real Guitar
There is no Pictures of my Pink Megadeth Shirt Chris bought for me


It ends here once Chris wants to post the Megadeth pictures himself

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's the time of the month that my body goes Crazy .

It really happens and I know it does because I really feel it on my body .
It's a pain, like headache, but inside me and TALKS to my feelings .
My Period .
First it doesn't really tells me when it's coming
I am lying it does, my two important breasts hurt ... Feels like :
a cow when a machine is taking all the milk she could possible make in a year in a day!!!
The milk thing can be my feelings ...
It's crazy the emotional disorder my period gives in my body.
EVEN MY DAD noticed he looked at me and said :
Well, I guess that's when a man really knows about women ... ha ha ha
I just wish it didn't hurt that muuch .

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brazil Folia 2011 !!!

Me : Dress, Shoes, Ring and Purse H&M !!! ( H&M lover )
Clarisse : Dress H&M, Shoes ALDO , Purse HERING Brasil amoo !
Necklace a mãe dela quem fez ! Bracelet Lojinha do bairro , Ring ARDENE .

Foi uma semana louuuca que não sei como que sobrevivi ! Cantando tão pouco que pra encher o coração, só mesmo a felicidade de ter meu painho aqui do meu lado pela primeira vez . Não sei como que carreguei tanta emoção. ... O tão esperado Brazil Folia Chegou . Um mês atrás gravamos o comercial para elevisão que esteve no ár da globo Internacional por um mês inteirinho mais os ingressos do evento com a minha foto ... Que delícia ! Muitissímo obrigado meu amigo Gustavo Medina, organizador do evento por ter feito tudo tão lindo e especial, e pela oportunidade especial .