Friday, December 16, 2011

Good gift idea for girls and My end of year message !

If you boys are about to don't buy anything for your girls cause you don't know what to buy, get your wallets NOW watch this video and your life/relationship will be saved !!! haha

Link to find the perfume :

Also I wanted to say positive things cause it's the end of the year and our hearts are full of love and hope and there is no better feeling than this " I can start again " cause yes there is always a new chance to try again and be/do what you want to .
Thank you for all the amazing things you all do for me thanks a lot.
Love xo

Song I used, and one of my favorite lyrics of the moment !

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You always should give a christmas gift to yourself

Reasons :

1- You deserve for the woman you are / or the woman you wanna be
2- you always wanted that
3- you need that color/colors

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 4th winter in Canada .

Canadian Girls look so gorgeous in the winter, I look ugly and fluffy . Now that I am getting more used to the season I started to look a little more ... Cute I would say . $1 toque I bought at Orfus Road !! ( this best place to shop in Toronto ... I will make a video there I need to share this with you all !!! )

Going to a Sunday Party, it's around 10 degrees out, I am wearing this vintage coat my mom gave to me cause I am taking a cab to get there, and one to bring me back home !!!
Love !!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Eu não sei se sé meu peso, a outra metade do dia, ou eu mesma que não estou dando conta hoje. ( ou é TPM )

De repente bete uma saudade das coisas, final do ano todo mundo vai passar férias no Brasil, poxa que saco. E não sei algumas coisas são assim, elas vão e vem, as vezes algumas das que vão ficam pertubando E eu meio que me pertubo também um pouco . rs

Está ficando mais frio, parece que meu corpo cada vez fica mais acostumado ao vento gelado.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poética - Vinícius de moraes

Poética I

De manhã escureço
De dia tardo
De tarde anoiteço
De noite ardo.

A oeste a morte
Contra quem vivo
Do sul cativo
O este é meu norte.

Outros que contem
Passo por passo:
Eu morro ontem

Nasço amanhã
Ando onde há espaço:
- Meu tempo é quando.

Poética II

Com as lágrimas do tempo
E a cal do meu dia
Eu fiz o cimento
Da minha poesia.

E na perspectiva
Da vida futura
Ergui em carne viva
Sua arquitetura.

Não sei bem se é casa
Se é torre ou se é templo:
(Um templo sem Deus.)

Mas é grande e clara
Pertence ao seu tempo
- Entrai, irmãos meus!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bloor Street Looking Gorgeous For Christmas !

Cute Couple Bed Time

Christmas Band

Kitchen Toys

I was walking around Bloor/Bay area here in Toronto and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the awesome vitrines, the stores are ready to make your eyes want to but and I felt awesome looking at all those lights !!! I haven't figured it out yet my feelings about Christmas since I moved to Canada, it's very weird not to have the same day you always had since you were a kid, don't see your family or friends and stay away from sea. We have to grow up I guess, but this is the time of the year that I most wish that I could go home at least for a night .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Me explosion mode

The google picture is just to show that all I wanna care about now is music. I got it from their page, on Tom Jobim's Birthday, January 25, 8 days after my own date of showing my face to this crazy world.
I finally exploded with this feeling of being me just me with me, I can't really handle anything or anybody anymore, I kind of need to take care of me me me. No I don't have the world, it's just my moment.

Monday, October 24, 2011


E que de vermelho se fez o sol . E o sol fugiu com a lua, a lua foi parar na rua .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No face, just fun nails.

Lines, bubbles, nails, perfection, woman .
The month won't stop counting down the days for the next month and here we are.
What it takes to ? ...
End of the weekend, tomorrow I start the Monday thing... Oh Mondays and Sundays .
My hais looks very good today, nails done, oh it makes such a difference in surviving ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks giving


Shirt : Hering Brasil , Pants : H&M , , Necklace, BAhia/Brasil, Shoes : Long time ago in Brazil.
Ray BAn Blue
Lately I've been thinking of coming back to the old fashion way of living I used to have. Healthier
use my body more and breath deeper, I know this all will help with my singing and as today is Sunday I decided to have a Creuza day
Creuza day = Clean every single corner of the house and move things around!!!
My hand is very hurt and maybe I shouldn't super use but ... well well.
My 4th thanksgiving, we don't celebrate it in Brazil but well, I am not in Brazil you know ?! Tomorrow I am having lunch at Claudio's house, good friend from Bahia, it's also his birthday but no, we are not eating Turkey .