Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks giving


Shirt : Hering Brasil , Pants : H&M , , Necklace, BAhia/Brasil, Shoes : Long time ago in Brazil.
Ray BAn Blue
Lately I've been thinking of coming back to the old fashion way of living I used to have. Healthier
use my body more and breath deeper, I know this all will help with my singing and as today is Sunday I decided to have a Creuza day
Creuza day = Clean every single corner of the house and move things around!!!
My hand is very hurt and maybe I shouldn't super use but ... well well.
My 4th thanksgiving, we don't celebrate it in Brazil but well, I am not in Brazil you know ?! Tomorrow I am having lunch at Claudio's house, good friend from Bahia, it's also his birthday but no, we are not eating Turkey .

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