Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Confused Heart Burned Hand

All the time my heart talks to me I come here, I discovered that there isn't anything better than letters, to reliefa Christmas, confused heart, burned hands from the Turkey I was cooking for 5 hours, my back hurts, and I like it, instead of focus on my confused heart I enjoy the back pain
How many times in life can I feel it?!?!
How many times in life can you feel it?!
When I was a kid I had a family around me to cook the Christmas meal for me, tonight was the first time I did it all myself, it felt like growing up. I DON'T WANNA GROW UP ! COME ON ! ! ! Yes I know the bla bla bla you have no choice, but, but but... but nothing htat's what it is now I better get used to burn my hands, sometimes I get confused, I know now more than ever, the time is flying there is no time to waste. I am here the Turkey is cooked everybody is fed, so that's my new feeling, I did it myself now I WON'T DO THE DISHES ! Maybe some... JUST SOME! I did everything... Holy cauliflower. It's almost my birthday, too much information, Christmas, New year , birthday new age, cook the Turkey do the dishes drink all the wine alone at home, because I felt too tired to go anywhere with my crew...
Don't say I am getting old okay?!
gr gr gr
I sing louder than ever, I hope 2010 can just go go go good bye leave me here alone okay I had enough of you and you, I don't wanna carry any guilt in 2011 aaaa I will carry my guitar everything else is just vain...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Potporri With Died Roses and Lemon Essential oil

The Days are getting too cold for me, Brazilian Soul . It's time to use my creativity that I " lost " during summer ... Staying inside all day I think of so many things, so I decide to use this old dried roses I had from a gift I got 3 months ago, and I also used Essential oil, Lemon and just a little tine bit of Tea Tree , The bowl I got from the dollar store, the same with the other dried flowers I used.
Now I am walking around the house looking for something else to do.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Show Time Look

That's my Friend Barbara , Beautiful Like a Barbie.
Our Look is Soft and Casual hahaha

Friday, December 3, 2010

Less Smoke More Voice

I sould be glad I can still sing after 3 days of NO VOICE coming out of my mouth.
After Ozzy Osborne do a 3 hours Show, screaming his life out , he made me lose my voice.
Now, I mean RIGHT now, I am drinking a Green Tea and thinking about,what tomorrow is gonna be like. Not the best thing to do, but as I am singing tomorrow I better "make" this voice work .
Between my voice and my thoughts I can't even have a glass of wine.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flower Ring to Your Lost Flowers in The Winter

Flower Ring ( Ardene )

If you can't find your flower : Look for help!
It might be just + just yourself.!.
Be stong like a flower, let's learn the time to die.
Water and it's alive forever .