Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cookies !!! All natural !

I can't stop creating new options for the sugar craving , this one definitely made me really happy, and proud ! lol

All you need to make 6  cookies is : ( to make 12 oh well double it ! )

- 1 cup of organic oats
- 2 tbl spoon of fresh coconut ( or unsweetened coconut )
-2 tbl spoon of semi sweet chocolate
- 2 tbl spoon of coconut oil
- Cinnamon !
- 1 raspberry on top of each cookie !!!
And whatever nuts you want I used hazelnut and cashew !!!

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl as you are mixing them pre heat the oven for 350F ,
Shape the cookies and let it go in the oven for 9/11 minutes !!!

I made a few different cookies one with blueberries and kiwi ! The chocolate inside the cookies melt and yumm they are delicious !!! Be creative and add the fruits and etcs you love !


Pre and After oven and Kiwi blueberry before oven mmmm

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Wednesday

Ooooo Today was such an awesome triple warm day I woke up earlier than the usual, I really try to wake up earlier just so I can get more of the day but I am also a sleepy monster.
Wake up and do vocal warm ups is funny because the vocal chords are all cozy waking up with your body, took me at least 30 min to get my voice going! Bike across the city was also very pleasant the weather was awesome and for an all Tom Jobim Jam with piano player, friend Chris Pruden was really exciting to feel the vibe of someone that didn't grow up with Brazilian music but that totally has the vibe and the energy to play it

 To be creative I put together this Necklace hanger inspired by my friend Angelica, she has gorgeous wooden pieces for her jewelery !

all I used was a few hooks I got from the dollar store and the stick I found on the street !

I posted the same picture in 2 different colors because I can't pick my favorite !

Love Ju

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Times of hearts and Dances in the Dark

The colors were red but they were trying to be black and leaving through the glass door the heart was in the mouth and the image of your lips wouldn't leave my mess and the heart was jumping and the songs that I used to sing to wake up lost feelings in hearts that flew and the mouth couldn't hold and for the first time I was me ...

As cores eram vermelhas mas tentavam ser negras e ao sair pela porta de vidro o coração ficava na boca e a imagem de seus lábios não saiam da minha bagunça e o coração pulavam e as canções que eu cantava pra acordar sentimentos perdidos em corações que voaram e a boca não pode segurar e pela primeira vez fui eu

Monday, May 13, 2013

The popsicle factory won't stop

Well I got more creative with the flavors for the Popsicles but I got a request and that blew my world , yes it did ... So I took the time to make with all the love in the world the fruit punch popsicle requested by my friend Flavia to bring to her painting party yesterday , yes a painting party ! My friends are the best !

I also made a Strawberry, Chocolate yogurt popsicle that was just like from heaven I used

-1cup of chopped fresh strawberries a few blueberries and big pieces of strawberries

- 4 table spoon of Greek yogurt

- 1 table spoon of organic strawberry jam ( I made the jam and I will post the recipe soon ) you can use any jam you like

- chocolate chips ( I used RAW chocolate )

What I did :

Blend the strawberry and the blueberry and set the juice aside save the big peaces

Mix the yogurt with the jam

For each Popsicle use a spoon of the yogurt mix , spread it in the Popsicle maker add the chocolate to the bottom don't use too many might happen that they don't stay together ( I tried )

Pour the strawberry juice and add some of the pieces you chopped .

Freeze for at least 9 hours yogurt takes longer to get an awesome Popsicle from heaven consistency :) !!!!

Yumm !

* the picture of Flavia and the fruit punch it wasn't my creation but I will post the recipe later

Xo Love

Friday, May 10, 2013

Watermelon flavor and ocean feeling

I am missing the ocean so much I catch myself thinking of the water all the time, this inspired me to do this little beach nail art , also this new tights inspired the nails, ( that I am going to wear when I get to go Cuba hopefully in July ! ) .
******** Nails took over an hour to be done !

This Watermelon Popsicle is super refreshing !!! You will need ...

1cup of watermelon
1/3 of cup black berry
2 table spoon of chia seeds ( I used white seeds )
Agave ( as much as you want if the watermelon is very sweet you won't even need it )
Ginger ( fresh just like a tea spoon )

Blend the ingredientsssss!

put some berries in the Popsicle maker add the juice and let it freeze for 6 hours and yumm!!!
Healthy delicious mmm.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pineapple Coconut Yogurt Popsicle and a candy made of Pineapple Skin !

Oooh it got so warm out everyone looks happier and more colorful ! yeee flip flops !! My house is not only super warm but the huge windows welcome the sun to hang all day in my living room 

When it gets warm I just want to eat ice cream and Popsicles all day :) yes they are delicious but full of bad sugars and all the baddies that comes with the goodiezzz  ! *did I just create a new language ?

Now to save my sugar craving I am addicted to healthy Popsicles !!!....
and the Best part about this specific flavour is that we can still use the skin of the pineapple to make a pineapple desert !
Yes !
Pineapple skin desert !!!
Doesn't get any sweeter yeeee !

- 1 cup of Fresh Pineapple ( Yes, you will have to peel it BUT we are using the skin )
- 4 table spoon Greek Yogurt
- 1 Lime
- 1 cup almond milk
- 1 tea spoon Vanilla extract
- Unsweetened coconut 
- Agave

Put the pineapple, almond milk , vanilla extract and as much cinnamon as you love and the lime juice with the zest , in the blender ( I made it in the magic bullet )

Fill the bottom of the Popsicle maker you are using with the coconut, it will look super nice when it is ready, pour the juice you just made in it and drop a spoon of Greek Yogurt for each Popsicle, it will create funny shapes once it is ready and add some creaminess hehe

Freeze for 7 hours, eatable after 6 if don't open the freezer 14 times to check if it is already ready...

* Pictures of the making process in the end of this post !


Now the Candy ....

Well... Really all the ingredients you need are on this picture...

What you do is :

- Boil the skin in aprox. 3 cups of water ( until the skin is soft )
- Blend it with the water
- Strain and save the pulp with 20% of the juice
- Put in a pot in a medium heat with the agave, cloves, coconut oil and coconut
- the longer you let it cook the thicker it will be
- let it sit to bring the flavours of the cloves

Enjoy !!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adoro! Moda Blog is up !

Not only because Carol Souza is my friend since my first steps into this world, but she comes from a very talented family, she was always fashion classy and a sweet heart ! Now with her project Adoro! that produces events in Basil and the blog with fashion, gastronomy and all kinds of girly life tips ! I am very excited to be part of this project of the Adoro! moda blog, because Toronto has the cool free fashion we don't have every where in Brazil yet, people here are not afraid of showing their personality through their looks FREE fashion I love and the sun has arrived, I have already my legs out, the Popsicle season has arrived and I am making some delicious health low cal ones today, will be posting them later !!!

You can check the blog here
and there is a little video of me in Portuguese introducing myself ! xo

Love Ju

          This Look is very me I love Red and I love looking like I am going to a Business meeting !

H&M trench coat, Aldo Shoes, DKNY Purse, Ardene tights and jewelery and my loved CHLOé SUNGLASSES ! and orange lips ... cheap lip stick at wall mart