Monday, May 13, 2013

The popsicle factory won't stop

Well I got more creative with the flavors for the Popsicles but I got a request and that blew my world , yes it did ... So I took the time to make with all the love in the world the fruit punch popsicle requested by my friend Flavia to bring to her painting party yesterday , yes a painting party ! My friends are the best !

I also made a Strawberry, Chocolate yogurt popsicle that was just like from heaven I used

-1cup of chopped fresh strawberries a few blueberries and big pieces of strawberries

- 4 table spoon of Greek yogurt

- 1 table spoon of organic strawberry jam ( I made the jam and I will post the recipe soon ) you can use any jam you like

- chocolate chips ( I used RAW chocolate )

What I did :

Blend the strawberry and the blueberry and set the juice aside save the big peaces

Mix the yogurt with the jam

For each Popsicle use a spoon of the yogurt mix , spread it in the Popsicle maker add the chocolate to the bottom don't use too many might happen that they don't stay together ( I tried )

Pour the strawberry juice and add some of the pieces you chopped .

Freeze for at least 9 hours yogurt takes longer to get an awesome Popsicle from heaven consistency :) !!!!

Yumm !

* the picture of Flavia and the fruit punch it wasn't my creation but I will post the recipe later

Xo Love

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