Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Wednesday

Ooooo Today was such an awesome triple warm day I woke up earlier than the usual, I really try to wake up earlier just so I can get more of the day but I am also a sleepy monster.
Wake up and do vocal warm ups is funny because the vocal chords are all cozy waking up with your body, took me at least 30 min to get my voice going! Bike across the city was also very pleasant the weather was awesome and for an all Tom Jobim Jam with piano player, friend Chris Pruden was really exciting to feel the vibe of someone that didn't grow up with Brazilian music but that totally has the vibe and the energy to play it

 To be creative I put together this Necklace hanger inspired by my friend Angelica, she has gorgeous wooden pieces for her jewelery !

all I used was a few hooks I got from the dollar store and the stick I found on the street !

I posted the same picture in 2 different colors because I can't pick my favorite !

Love Ju

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