Monday, June 25, 2012

Yellow Tan

Yes ! Summer is here, just out side my door. I wake up and first thing I see is the blue clean sky with some delicious cotton candy clouds .
The first action of the day is  get my bikini on even though I am not going to swim . I walk my dog and that's when I get my tan ! hehe I really want that beautiful tan that I used to have !
Shorts Skirts and Dresses that's all I will wear ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Mission

This is the first step I had to take to get my garden looking wonderful, all my neighbors have flowers all over their houses and that really inspired me to get the shovel and do a super mega hard work - first clean the weeds under a 32degrees sun to be able to start the pretty work. This is step only one!!!

Today is the first day of summer in Toronto, it will be harder to get my flowers going cause of the super crazy heat but it's now or neveeeeeer !!!!!

                                                                    The mission
                                                               Yes, I did it
                                                               The worker
The Helper