Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twenty-First. Night. Monday Anna Akhmatova

Twenty-first. Night. Monday.
Silhouette of the capitol in darkness.
Some good-for-nothing -- who knows why --
made up the tale that love exists on earth.

People believe it, maybe from laziness
or boredom, and live accordingly:
they wait eagerly for meetings, fear parting,
and when they sing, they sing about love.

But the secret reveals itself to some,
and on them silence settles down...
I found this out by accident
and now it seems I'm sick all the time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The fake warm day and Oils and outfit

Today was 7 degrees and everybody was so happy with the sunny "warm"weather ... Wind, crazy wind, but whatever it's + and Sunny hihihiI saw this Super Oils and I want them, I don't know what to cook with it, but I want it, even if it is just to look at it !!!

I just wish it was like $5 =)

I dressed Green to Match it =)
My poor son, fractured his paw, and me good mom wake up early $$$ to cure him.
And at Night wore This because i love pink, I love purple and these colors make me happy . Like you wear the color and it helps with your energy .
The things behind are Napkings with Pin Up girls saying funny things, like "As a matter of fact I am the f$#%ing queen " uuuuu

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's or I want Flowers Day

I am still getting used to the New Valentine's " DAY - DAY "
In Brasil we celebrate it on June 12th.
Now in the end of the day I am just loving My only one orange/Pink rose, and my THE BEATLES RECORD 1962-1966 MADE IN JAPAN, that Chris got for me at TROPICALIA IN FURS in New York !!! aaa

It's just passed Christmas and My birthday and I am still celebrating + giving/receiving The Best Gifts . aaa

With the Gigfts celebrationSsS and bla bla bla... also extra weight, eating forever like a Monster, a veggie Monster .

Chris Allergic to Lactose and everything else that's Delicious is helping me ...

We watched Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain that I've watched at least 20 times before but never on the Big Screen, Magic hehe .