Friday, February 18, 2011

The fake warm day and Oils and outfit

Today was 7 degrees and everybody was so happy with the sunny "warm"weather ... Wind, crazy wind, but whatever it's + and Sunny hihihiI saw this Super Oils and I want them, I don't know what to cook with it, but I want it, even if it is just to look at it !!!

I just wish it was like $5 =)

I dressed Green to Match it =)
My poor son, fractured his paw, and me good mom wake up early $$$ to cure him.
And at Night wore This because i love pink, I love purple and these colors make me happy . Like you wear the color and it helps with your energy .
The things behind are Napkings with Pin Up girls saying funny things, like "As a matter of fact I am the f$#%ing queen " uuuuu

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