Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cookies !!! All natural !

I can't stop creating new options for the sugar craving , this one definitely made me really happy, and proud ! lol

All you need to make 6  cookies is : ( to make 12 oh well double it ! )

- 1 cup of organic oats
- 2 tbl spoon of fresh coconut ( or unsweetened coconut )
-2 tbl spoon of semi sweet chocolate
- 2 tbl spoon of coconut oil
- Cinnamon !
- 1 raspberry on top of each cookie !!!
And whatever nuts you want I used hazelnut and cashew !!!

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl as you are mixing them pre heat the oven for 350F ,
Shape the cookies and let it go in the oven for 9/11 minutes !!!

I made a few different cookies one with blueberries and kiwi ! The chocolate inside the cookies melt and yumm they are delicious !!! Be creative and add the fruits and etcs you love !


Pre and After oven and Kiwi blueberry before oven mmmm

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