Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Rain and Promises

Oh hello Monday here you are ... Well... Mondays were created for you to feel guilty about the things you did on the weekend, isn't it ?! I overdosed on music and candies yesterday and I am absolutely happy about it. I also got to spend the day with my little helper which was a little mad at me for leaving him alone for so long during the week while I was taking care of my own business = music and the work that gives me money just so I can make more music ... Well here is my Monday  resolution 
And here is us yesterday really enjoying the sun and the drums with my sister Jaquie !!!
Be classy is really important even if you are just holding the door for the plastic pee room while your friend pees for 3.000 minutes 
To finish this little weekend guilt story I had to wake up and go shopping today just so I could feel better about the extra 3. 000 kg I gained yesterday 
I first made sure that I was almost in shape 

Then I picked the shirt 

And went super selfie 

 This was my Monday shop the leopard rainbow shirt and the super cute cat socks from H&M ( that may reduce my super stinky feet issues ) the ring is my fav ring in the world and my pandora bracelet which hasn't  seen a new charm in a while ... ( hey you, gift me with a charm, they are suppose to be a memory of something special that happened to you  or us hehe! ) one day I will get this ring made in silver with mother pearl mmmm
Well this is it for today I am wishing you a healthy sweet week full of broccoli and candies yeee love and balance xo

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