Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Confused Heart Burned Hand

All the time my heart talks to me I come here, I discovered that there isn't anything better than letters, to reliefa Christmas, confused heart, burned hands from the Turkey I was cooking for 5 hours, my back hurts, and I like it, instead of focus on my confused heart I enjoy the back pain
How many times in life can I feel it?!?!
How many times in life can you feel it?!
When I was a kid I had a family around me to cook the Christmas meal for me, tonight was the first time I did it all myself, it felt like growing up. I DON'T WANNA GROW UP ! COME ON ! ! ! Yes I know the bla bla bla you have no choice, but, but but... but nothing htat's what it is now I better get used to burn my hands, sometimes I get confused, I know now more than ever, the time is flying there is no time to waste. I am here the Turkey is cooked everybody is fed, so that's my new feeling, I did it myself now I WON'T DO THE DISHES ! Maybe some... JUST SOME! I did everything... Holy cauliflower. It's almost my birthday, too much information, Christmas, New year , birthday new age, cook the Turkey do the dishes drink all the wine alone at home, because I felt too tired to go anywhere with my crew...
Don't say I am getting old okay?!
gr gr gr
I sing louder than ever, I hope 2010 can just go go go good bye leave me here alone okay I had enough of you and you, I don't wanna carry any guilt in 2011 aaaa I will carry my guitar everything else is just vain...

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