Friday, February 15, 2013

A late Valentine's

I loved for the first time when I was 11, the guy was 14 and of course he didn't care about me so I started things with a broken heart, then when I was 13 I loved another gentleman that was 16 and things didn't work cause probably he didn't want to be seen around with a " baby " , Loved again when I was 15 he didn't care about me too, and finally when I was 16 I met my real first love, it was a beautiful love story, and sometimes I really miss the way we were good friends, that was a beautiful love that lasted 5 years, that was my first BREAK UP, oh boy that hurts, and I survived!!! ... now, I am 24 I met a beautiful man that I could probably spend a century telling about all his qualities and the beautiful things he makes me feel, but I will assume that we all loved, at least once to know what I am talking about, I wanna make him a garden of love and write beautiful stories in our lives oooo 
Love so necessary for a girl like me with a Bossa Heart <3 nbsp="" p="">

" Doce de Leite " ( south american magic " caramel " ) , banana/cinnamon cookie, and strawberry simple and delicioussss

2 baby burgers topped with aged cheddar and bacon wrapped in prosciutto and bacon mashed potatoes
Yesssss Bacon  

and the most beautiful roses I've seen in my life ... WHITE ROSES !

awwww I love when people call me juju 

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