Friday, February 22, 2013

Dance group GRUPO CORPO in Torontoooo !

                                                         Hellooo Toronto!
                                                     Guess who is coming to Visit us ???
                                 GRUPO CORPO ( The Brazilian Dance group " Body Group" )

" Breu features a dark score by multiple Latin Grammy-winner Lenine and showcases some of the troupe's most aggressive and confrontational choreography to date, infused with the polyrhythms of Latin and African dance. "

 You can get tickets here *** at the Harbourfront Centre Website !!!

    I am going with my mom tomorrow,  beautiful Saturday Night.The name of the show is very Brazilian Sem Mim & Ima,  " Without me & Ima " ?! ?!
   I remember living in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais . I never had a chance to see the group before ! yehaa oh Canada

  " To see the GRUPO CORPO dancing, is like the questions between traffic, nature and culture are all  being answered . It's the diverse " Brasis", the past and the future, the erudite and the popular. Inherited from the foreigners, local color, urban and the suburbanites,  all at the same time being resolved as art. Brazilian art. World's Art " Helena Katz

Their Website !!!

    Quando se vê o GRUPO CORPO dançando, é como se as questões do trânsito entre a natureza e a cultura estivessem sendo bem respondidas. São os diversos Brasis, o passado e o futuro, o erudito e o popular, a herança estrangeira e a cor local, o urbano e o suburbano, tudo ao mesmo tempo sendo resolvido como arte. Arte brasileira. Arte do mundo.
Helena Katz

* Love and flowers to the beautiful photographers

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