Sunday, January 12, 2014

Havana Beach

Hello you there

My first 2014 post I am back full of ideas for the blog and new exciting things happening in my life so fast


 the coldest winter ever ever ever and I am thinking of the sand constantly

My lungs are happy here 
but somewhere inside of my dreams I can smell the sand

I never posted the pictures from Havana
More calm, alone ...

 where I met on my first day alone alone Barbara, Brazilian from Aracaju teaching a friend the portuguese rule for mas/mais … Isabel, Italian ! Right on their first day about to travel all over Cuba in a car exploring 
They Both spoke perfect spanish !!! and german, and english …
We were on a Bus, I heard them talk... Said Hi 

This bus drove about 20min to arrive on the Beach that was blue, warm and the weather was finally good after 3 days of pure rain, the heat I love, sand Beach … Toes on the water, salty water

I got to sing with the band some classic Brazilian Tunes such as girl from Ipanema
What a feeling

I also found TAMALES!
 that tasted exactly like brazilian Pamonha , a moist cake made of corn wrapped in corn leaf
the corn can be sweet or salty

this one had cheese and loots of spicy salsa mmmmm 

Second day of Beach I got up as early as I could and went again to hang alone under the sand with my notebook, cold beer, camera …Lonely thoughts

Really taking these shots with the 10 seconds timer 

Tamales !!!

With Barbara and Isa

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