Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday Meal preparation for the WEEK !

I usually shop for my food at the same place, the cheap super market by my house has everything I need including some ORGANIC stuff for a very affordable price, yesterday I went to a different super Market downtown Toronto where everything was 3X THE PRICE! yes 3X! for vegetables fruits and everything else! I know everyone is really busy and sometimes you gotta shop for your food wherever is more convenient. Keep in mind shopping at places that sell local fruits and vegetables from local farmers is not only good for your pocket BUT for the system around us, make an effort and choose a day of the week to shop for your food and prepare your meals, this way you can always have something delicious with you to eat when you go out to work, school, before/after the gym or any other activity you will do out of your house, save more $ and more ENERGY. I feel happier and more energetic for eating every 2/3 hours and for adding fresh food to my meals!!!
I hope you enjoy the recipes!
I bought all this for $40.00! I know the orange juice has lots of natural sugars but I need vitamin C and I am going to add the juice to my morning shake, as well as the pomegranate juice the Ginger, Pear, Celery, Apple and Banana! I add fresh ginger to my Teas!
Some of the items I bought are Organic. 
I got the pork tenderloin, it is the best part of the pork, 2 big pork loins cost me $8! 
I found out that pork once cooked properly is really full of Iron and Protein! I will add Iron to my diet as much as I can! I did a blood test and it turns out I have anemia and this is why I felt tired all the time. Instead of taking pills, I chose to get the Iron from my food.
So there is also some Fresh spinach! (Full of Iron)
Sweet potatoes for Breakfast! 
That tomato sauce you find at any Market is the Best! The only ingredients in it are Tomatoes and Salt!!! No sugar or any bla bla bla fake flavours, you add whatever you like, me usually loooots of garlic! mmmm 
Coconut oil... 

I added coconut oil and sea salt to the veggies, covered with foil paper and roasted at 350F for 30 minutes. The zucchini cooks faster than the carrots and beets so I cut the zucchini thicker, beets and carrots super thin!  

For the Pork Tenderloin I added a tiny bit of olive oil, sea salt. With a knife I made some holes in the meat and filled it with fresh garlic! Under the meat I put thin slices of white onion, Note *if you put on top or on the sides it burn! another tip, place the meat with the thicker end overlapping the thin. Because I cut the loin in 1/2 the thin end will cook faster and gets dry if you do not cover it. With that helpful little tip it cooks to perfection (also at 350F ) Until you see it is ready the approximate time should be around 30/40 minutes.


Beans = Iron, only added Bay leaves and Sea Salt 
(Easy on the sea salt it is stronger than regular salt)

When my veggies were ready I put them in the blender with some roasted garlic, the juice from the beans, a cup of water. The dots of oil you see are from the coconut oil
You can roast the garlic by placing it on some foil paper and putting in the oven 350F for 5 to 10 min it roasts super fast
For more flavour you can top it with olive oil, salt, black pepper ...

I made this amazing soup which I will have for dinner once I can't have carbs before bed!
Fresh Spinach on top for moooore Iron! 

This one is The tomato sauce. The way I make it is with loooots of garlic, onions. You may add any other vegetables of your choice. I added broccoli, mushrooms and some Bay scallops to accompany some whole wheat pasta! The secret to get a really good sauce is, let it cook for a while in a low heat, stir, stir, stir ...  I don't cover the pot cause I think that it is easier to reduce the sauce this way it will make a mess in your stove but it is worth it ! Yums !

Quinoa ! 

Many people over cook or under cook the grain, to get it perfect put it in a pot and cover it with water let it boil and check it often. When you notice that the center has only a little white dot, different than when you started, and the grain was all white. Turn the heat off, it is ready!
I just added fresh peas, corn and raw onion to this one and let it cook with the grain! 

Mashed sweet potatoes for breakfast !

My meals !!!          

I hope I've inspired you to make fresh delicious food at your house! 
Much Love 

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