Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Change the World with Kindness !

After listening to a lot of people talk about "Changing the world" or even their own lives but who don't really take action I decided to make this video to inspire and bring some hope to everyone. 
I worked for a few weeks at a place where the employees were constantly humiliated by the employers, some of the people that were being humiliated were old enough to be the father of the ones that were using of a totally unacceptable behaviour to express their frustrations.
I also spoke with a few friends who told me how they wanted to change their lives, by changing their jobs, or relationships, but months after we talked they are still living the life that they don't want .

This circle of sadness and misery leads to really unhappy people, and when we are living unhappily we are just giving up our dreams, and wasting our energy. If we become weak and give up we won't ever be able to create a better world.

So my simple idea is:
Start the Change by being kind towards everything and everyone, including yourself and your own personal life.
Be strong inside, do not take things personal! and help build a stronger community! 
This can lead to absolutely fantastic results and these results are going to reflect in our daily lives and overall world! 
Kindness and respect is key!
I have learned how to be more patient, kind, forgiving and be brave to change what makes me unhappy, I feel focused and determined to build a better community and eventually a better world! COME WITH ME ! 
Much Love 

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