Friday, May 23, 2014

Yoga in the woods...

Well... this is actually yoga on top of my blankets and sleeping bag ... This was my last day at the Algonquin Park just by the Canisbay Lake.
That was my second time camping and I was looking forward to try some outdoors Yoga ! 
as you can see in the photo I used my hands to help me hold the position BUT I am now training to do it on the ground !... it's a process with awesome results if you feel that the practice is pleasant to your body and mind. 

Since I started practicing yoga I feel more relaxed and I can hear my breathing much better, funny that we breathe all day, but we don't really pay attention to the action that goes through all over our bodies and keep us alive... The practice of Yoga makes me feel more open to the earth and that may not make sense until you try it yourself, for example I felt my feet on the ground so good and so intense just by closing my eyes listening to myself and nature I could feel the connection 
body-existence. Hippie talk ? No! It is the magic of living in peace we are forgetting by living in the concrete jungle...

My Yoga Journey has just begun I got a very interesting book that I am looking forward to share what's all about once I am done reading it! Hope you like the photos and they inspire you to go up on a table and try it your self !
Much Love







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