Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day in Grey

This morning when the sun came to kiss my memories
 ( a Sunday Classic )
I felt that my heart was on fire.
It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and today I woke up to Mother's Day. First one without her close to me . I think I got used to spend my dad's day away from him but mother's day... there is something different in the air. They carry us inside of them, we grow inside their body that's just the divine magic that makes me very sensitive.

They are now in Brasil, and I am here in Canada.
I wonder how many people miss their families every day living away to be able to pursue their dreams... . I also think of my friends that are here "alone". "
Saudade" *

*(  word used in portuguese for to describe the feeling of " I miss you " )

This picture of little me with mom and daddy in the early 90's make me laugh, my dad looks just like Freddie Mercury and I love that look with the tight shorts! So fit and his big smile/ moustache with my witch mom beside with her classic short hair ...

I could tell them thank you for a lot of things, since they have raised me with so much love. To be a good woman honest and brave just like them but I won't ever forget how they have motivated me to be an artist, to love music, to be kind, to respect others to be whatever my heart wanted me to be.
I know that growing up I was probably the worst, I was the only daughter and that required lots of everything but they did an amazing job. Even though there are things in life that we won't ever understand they taught me how to accept this reality and live to change what makes me unhappy.

I really hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's day. Thank you Universe for sunny days for us here in Toronto, for the ones like me that didn't get to spend this day with their moms and sons but had thought of them all day with love, I send all my love to you. We share this feeling.

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