Monday, May 19, 2014

Camping! Marshmallows x Healthy Meals

Camping is one of my favourite outdoors activity. I love the 24hr contact with nature and the scary sounds at night, the silence of mother nature, I can see the sky and the bright stars, the simplicity in being happy and the overdose on marshmallows ! 
I used to love BBQ but I don't enjoy living off meat. For the days out camping I thought I should have some healthy meals to start the day and balance my body so I would have lots of energy to enjoy the day in the woods !!! 

This Breakfast was the easiest and super tasty !!!

For 2 people we used ->

- 2 slices of homemade bread
- Flax Seed oil Mozzarella
- 2 leafs of kale
- 5 cloves of garlic ( yes ! )
- 2 shallots
-1 whole egg
-olive oil
-no salt !
-Fresh Avocados !

How we did !

1- Fried the garlic, the onions and the the kale sliced really thin, let it cook in olive oil
2- While the bread was toasting with the mozzarella on top
3- Placed the Kale mix on top of Bread with some Fresh Avocados and mooore olive oil on top for increased happiness !

Snaaaaack !

Fresh Fruit Salad !
Bring the peeler was the best idea ever !
I added chia seeds toooo
didn't look pretty in the photo ehehe

For Break fast 2 !

-I did the same for breakfast 1

*without the egg !
*added really thin sliced carrots
*and used a whole head of garlic about 8/9 cloves !!!

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