Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Toronto living And missing

Toronto is such a magical city.
I walk all over the and it is like discovering a new world even after almost 6 years living here. 
Last Friday my mom went to Brazil, she goes home every year, twice per year, and me mmm I never went back home since I moved in 2008. 
How to deal with the " home sick " feeling? 
I hate people that complain about this country that offeres so many opportunities beauty and safety, but it is really hard to avoid the feeling of melancholy for not seeing my homeland in so long
Something that has helped a lot is the fact that I am looking forward to my first visit to Brazil, plan a trip is really motivating and can help a lot with the confusing feelings, be focused has also helped a lot, know the reasons why you are away is important, listen to yourself is also really important, by that I mean read your thoughts and feelings, what do you miss about home? And why do you miss it?
Answers that may not have an answer unless you start listening to your heart. 
I am away because I want to build a better future for me and my family, I am away because as an artist I need better opportunities and I am away because I really wanted to be fluent in English and French and Canada is a place that gives me all the opportunities I was looking for. 
I hope that my words have helped you to understand this process and that they make you stronger to survive in the homesick state of mind! It is one of the hardest missions a warrior can live, be away from the smiles and hugs sunshines and tastes but hold onto your dreams 
Glory and happiness is on the way
Just waiting for you. 
Much love 

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