Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Under $40 Look !

I wore this look to perform at a charity event on a super sunny and warm Sunday evening ! Once it is freezing cold already in September, I am posting these photos to remind us GIRLS of how good it is to have our legs and arms out and free ... !!!

I love this " Brazilian flag " inspired look !
The Shirt and Shoes are from STITCHES always the best deals! Shirt $5 Shoes $5 
The skirt was a gift from a friend he said he found it by the garbage in his building and that when he saw it it had reminded him of me ... Great cause I love the skirt ! the cut is perfect ! 

I love the Golden Diva Shoes with the Diva cat eye make up, this look is just super powerful I was feeling Vintageeee

The earrings are from Kensington Market I think I paid $10 for them ! 

Sound Check !

Oh The Sun I love you !

You can see my photographer on these last photos, he says that all the photos on his phone are photos of me !

This one is like I am back from a rock and roll party at 7:30am ! #sovintage

Kisses Love Ju!

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