Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun at JazzFM91 Loft Party !

Shhh ... This is way too exciting !!! I was really sick, since I came back from Cuba my Sinus decided to punish me, maybe because of the weather change or maybe because my body needs beach at least once per week ... Well, in the beginning of my second week back home I got an email from the amazing Jaymz Bee, inviting me to perform a song at the JazzFM Loft Party ... even tough my instrument was sick I couldn't say no , I just started to overdose in Ginger Mint tea 12x per day and hope that I would be 100% for that super day . 
I first decided to sing a fast tempo Samba, but by the end of the week me and Piano player Lou Pomanti, decided to change the song to a mid tempo Samba written by Noel Rosa called Fita Amarela .

I felt extremely happy to be surrounded by people that got together for the same amazing cause, music, Jazz, culture

Jaymz, Juju and Jacob 

There was not only lots of music in two different rooms BUT the amazing Robert Westall working on some siiiiick Caricatures 

 I am super glad I didn't have a heart attack I was about to fly 

The super amazing Band Lou Pomanti (Keys),  Ted Quinlan (Guitar ) Jacob Gorzhaltsan (Clarinet/Sax)


 I was extremely happy to be playing with super talented musicians it felt like a family party, and Jacob played his Clarinet so beautifully so ... Samba! and that was my moment

 " I am lovin it " 

Beautiful Zeynep Ozbilen, from Turkey,  sang a beautiful Salsa she is so charming I was impressed !  You can check her on FaceBook !

Sam Broverman with his lovely sweet voice 

Florence K. and Jaymz having and sharing with the crowd the best time ever !
She sang a Tom Jobim song called " Olha pro céu " that melted my heart and made me fall in love with her sweetness forever !

Absolutely gorgeous Vivianna , from Mexico, sang Besame Mucho 

Pam Hyatt , what a lovely soul I met her last year at Jaymz's house I never forgot her sweet voice and energy 

and rocking the first music room the super Steve Hunter ( Keys ) and Don Francks ( Vocals ) and Jacob we know him already he almost gave me a heart attack remember ????....

Us !!!

We also had this lovely gentleman, Bobby Motta playing tricks on us, by reading our minds with games that were pure talent! I was chocked, he guessed 4x the number I was only picturing in my mind I even spoke to him once with closed eyes hoping that he wouldn't guess, but he did !!!

Oh well look at his super smart face ... 

Our Beautiful Family , Mom's power

and to finish this post full of happiness and excitement the look and nail art I did specially for this magic occasion, much love from the happiest girl in the world


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