Thursday, October 17, 2013

BRAFFTv 2013 !

The Largest Brazilian Film Festival outside of Brazil is back to Toronto ! and I am so lucky and happy to be working with the Festival for the 3rd year !
Last night was the opening ceremony with the movie " The invisible Collection " by French Director Bernard Attal , that I got to interview and find out that he lives in my home town in Brasil ! Salvador/ Bahia... what a lucky man hehe
This year the festival is bringing 40movies, the Upto3 program ( for short films ) and Workshops ...
oh ! Also this year there is a very interesting Media and Film INTERNACIONAL conference !
Yes that is right ! on Saturday and Sunday at UofT FREE!
You can get more info on everything awesome that is going on right here !

Opening Ceremony with Everyone special that is part of this Festival that brings our beautiful visual Culture to Canada, a comment I would love to make is that Brazilian movies are usually made with a low budget, they are not about LoOots of special effects, they reflect a lot of our reality and culture that is not only in my opinion, really interesting, rich ... Oh Brasil ... 

With Director Bernard Attal

With the Producer of the Festival Leonardo Tenan and Miss Brazil Canada 2013 Ana Giuliano 

Team Work

I absolutely love this , check the super classic look I picked... Like it?

With the Director of the festival and absolute sweetheart Cecilia Queiroz

With Brazilian Rapper D-Snow, Rodrigo, Juju and Leo 

 from left to right Guitar player Jean, super talented musician Luanda Jones, D-Snow, Rodrigo, Journalist for the Channel " Nossa Tv Canada João and extremely talented Brazilian Dancer Newton Moraes 

Behind the scene stuff we forget that happened ... LoLs

Much Love 

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