Saturday, October 26, 2013

A trip to Explore and Rediscover myself Cuba Part 2 Santiago de Cuba ( 1 )

After my first Night in Santiago, Jorge decided to help me move to another house that would give me breakfast and dinner for that Same $25 ... It was a good decision but I never really slept well inside that room, I had many nightmares like I was in a sad movie and that was really bothering me, not only because I am a sleepy Monster, but that was making me a little scared something could happen to me ...
Maybe my brain was making me confused just because I was far away from home 
The Balcony 

We celebrated Jorge's Birthday all day, I was happy to be there for his celebration, only 19 ! Jeeeeesus !
We spent the day at the beautiful " CASA DE TROVA TRADICIONAL CUBANA " Trova is beautiful, slower than salsa and I found it also harder to dance! 

as I listened to the Music I wrote my story

Oh Look at This Flower Playing on The Stage ! 

She was amazing had an attitude playing her Maracas !

Jorge and me with the Incredible $1 yes $1 2L bottle of rum ...


The Beautiful Walls and me a little Rumedout lols

Funny it says " possible fall " just like that lols

My angel 

My sweet Crew
David Classical Guitar, Francisco Tres, Frank Trumpet,  Jorgito Trombone only Monsters allowed * Love

We had such an amazing time this evening we played music and improvised songs, Fred said that Cubans could play anything and I said that they could not play Samba and Bossa Nova...well they wanted to prove me wrong !  that moment was magical we started to play and improvise melodies lyrics smiles so much happiness, I felt like we were friends from a long time and I felt really loved and respected what a beautiful evening this picture is outside of the Casa de la Trova they have a sweet outdoors area 

With sweet Alfoso , Percussion Teacher at the Conservatory Esteban Salas 

Streets of Santiago de Cuba

                             This is the Moneda Nacional ! The money Cubans use ( only for Cubans ! )

aaaaaaaand now my absolute Favorite Dish in Cuba Spagetti covered in cheese and sweet tomato sauce... $1.75 everywhere ! 

After enjoying the evening with friends we went to Jeorge's house to celebrate with his family...
What a magical time, I never felt so happy really, I didn't grow up in a big family my brother was born when I was 13 my parents were already divorced and that was the first time that I really felt part of a complete family, his father and mother treated me with so much Love ... 
They kept saying that I was the daughter they never had and I cried at the dinner table I was too happy with all that love, they would insist on pointing the fan at me when the weather was feels like 51degrees, and I also noticed they gave me the biggest plate with more meat ... Small gestures of real Love

Mom Jorgina, Jorge,  Dad Andrez and Jorge's Niece AND OMG I don't know how cool planet earth is but she cooked my favourite dish ever since I was a kid! It is a slow cooked meat called CARNE DE PANELA ! 

Cutest thing ever when I arrived at the house Andrezito ( Jorges brother and now my brother too ) wanted to wear his Brazilian Jersey * more love

Andezito hurt his knee awww

Jorge showing off his Trombone Skills and his abs cause he is going to the Military Service

I know this is not for me

Jorge is a very loving person * carinhoso 

We also went to another house really close to his house to spend some time with his brother from another father ... When we arrived at the house Jorge said that I was a singer, one of the girls said that she loved to sing and her mom told me that she could not sing ... I told them to come outside with me, I opened the piano app on my phone and that was my first singing lesson ever, I was there teaching for love with love ... and sing scales with little angels was one of the best feelings I could feel as an artist 

My Students !!!

and after class we got to play Something I haven't played in years ! I am not sure how it is called in English but we call it AMARELINHA in Brasil, you draw numbers on the ground with charcoal then you have lots of fun hehe

Jorge's big bro and his glass before we did a shot of rum !

And time to go home this is Jorge's Dad1 he took me home .... That was a super long day !

Love tell you more soon

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