Friday, October 11, 2013

A trip to Explore and Rediscover myself Cuba Part I ( 3 )

Holguin, The city, is finally the " I am in Cuba" feeling, streets, people, horses ... The kids wearing their school uniform ... Everything so different than the magic we see at the Resorts, I was out and seeing the Cuba I wanted to see, I felt my Latin Blood stronger running screaming inside of me, real world
Once we are getting to the city I wanted to talk about the Currency, in Cuba there is 2 types of money the Cuban pesos ( which they call dollar ) and the Moneda Nacional. The Cuban Pesos are the currency used by tourists, the Moneda Nacional is the currency for the Cubans ... 
$25.00 in Moneda Nacional = $1CUC ( pesos cubano ) ...
 things like soap, shampoo and clothes are all sold in CUC, a soap for ex. can be $2CUC and from here we can start to understand a bit more of their reality ...

My Favourite Picture , the water tank on top of the house reminds me of Brazil

Education in Cuba is Free ... 

Schools for the kids that live in the Country side, everything seems to be so far, a kid told me she had to walk 1hour to get to school every morning 

The typical " CubanView " Palm trees and Bananas ...

Water ... So easy for us here in Canada 

Realized that this was my 3rd big trip with mom Lucia 

and living the Country part to arrive in the city 

Lots of " Siempre en 26 " signs around all Cuba, July 26th - M-26-7, this day was " vanguard revolutionary organization planned and led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara that in 1959 overthrew the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship in Cuba. The Movement fought the Batista regime on both rural and urban fronts." ( from wikipedia )

and here is the first building I see when we arrive in the city 
ESCUELA MILITAR CAMILO CIENFUEGOS ! I have a huge CC crush ... Camilos... 

An university building

" Holguin the prettiest "

                                                        "The sports are for everyone "

Medicine University

Everything that is very easy AND cheap for us here in North America is hard to get and expensive for Cubans ... Tooth Brush or a Nail to fix something that is broke, this is another thing in Cuba 0 goes to the garbage they fix everything that breaks !!! so they will sell things on the streets also they have to find a way to make extra money once their salary is something around $300 in Moneda Nacional, something around $12 to $15CUC ... 

Just an image I like

With My Queen, beautiful view of the city

My dad has always told me that there is always always 2 ways ...

Butcher Shop in Case you don't like the food you are served daily 

Lady helping us with directions, love her nails

here there is no color or social difference, here we are all the same ... 


Last Stop Downtown

The downtown part of the city is really beautiful, looks just like a small town in Brazil, with the little square where everyone can hang out in the evening , elderly people sit and watch time pass as the youth discover new feelings , they are free to walk around, Cuba is a very Safe country and people are really proud of that

First time I saw this super giant Mexican Bass

Love Ju 

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