Sunday, October 20, 2013

A trip to Explore and Rediscover myself Cuba Part 2 Santiago de Cuba

Woke up at 6am, check out and leave the Hotel, mom was about to go back to Canada and me... I was ready to start my adventure !
my Bus that was suppose to arrive at 8am, didn't show up until 8:30 ... Longest half an hour of my life. Not only because I was tired of the resort thing but I was now alone I had to get going with my mission ...
Bus arrived, everything went fine and the Tour Guide was such a genius I was impressed, he spoke at least 4 languages and knew a lot about world history and of course ... Lots and Lots about the Cuban culture and *Santeria !
The trip was about 3 hours a little less... I slept... I always sleep

The moment I arrived in Santiago I said to myself " I don't like it here, I am gonna leave to Havana tomorrow " ... I think my eyes were not familiar with that view and this is why I felt scared, I went to the pay phone to call the dancer that was going to meet me there and help me find my " Casa de Familia " there is LOTS of this in Cuba, it is a perfect room in a house with a private bathroom, tv, air bla and bla for something around $25CAN majority will offer breakfast ... as I was trying to phone the dancer I hear 1,000 people behind of me TAXI! TAXI! TAXI! and I was just so confused this guy approached to me and said the dancer couldn't come but he would drive me to my house... Easy... I went with him...
 * Santería, a syncretic religion of West African and Caribbean origin influenced by and syncretized with Roman Catholicism.( from wikipedia ) there is lots and lots more to find out about Santeria and it's roots ...

The room was in the super top floor of the house, this is the view from the room/balcony

Woman selling Avocados 

I looked outside and there was a little girl dancing on the rooftop of her house, that moment felt extremely amazing and free
After an hour of exploring the house and making myself feel comfortable, I went to look for the Conservatory ESTEBAN SALAS that was just by the house that I was staying at 
I spoke to the Director of the school, I was trying to study at their library but she said no, not even that ... BUT I didn't give up there, and a really nice gentleman introduced me to the " Classical and popular  Guitar" teacher, she was really sweet and we booked some private lessons for the next day ! yeeee  
While I was waiting for the teacher this guy passed by me with his Trombone wearing a Brazil Jersey ,  I said " nice shirt " ... He smiled and walked away ... 

I was really happy and ready to leave and go eat everything I could find on planet earth so hungry I was, when I heard someone say " Jorge " I remember a friend from Canada gave me the phone number for one of his friends in SANTIAGO, his name was also Jorge and I got super excited , it could only be that guy ...his friend ! I asked someone to find that Jorge for me and he was maybe gone, for a second I felt like running to his house, and he appeared from nowhere ... I said 
" Hey, do you know Bla Bla from Canada" he is like " Yes! He is my friend ! "
at that moment I didn't know, but I was meeting the person that I would spend 7 days, at least 18 hours per day with, the person that was going to be my brother from another mother, also I was meeting an
angel that not only spent time with me, kept me safe but introduced me to his family  ...But this is another magical Story 


That night we went out for dinner and Drinks, I was really using the best of my Spanish and we got along really well I really like people that have a super pure soul and Jorge had a white soul...
we hang out with William Hechavarria, a sweet that teaches percussion at the Conservatory, that night he was playing with his band 

I love this wanna make it one day 

" You won your life don't waste your beauty don't Smoke " but they taste delicious ... =/

When the band finished playing and the Club was closed, we bought a bottle of rum and started to sing and play guitar, what a moment it was just like I was in Brasil, the energy, the smiles, sing along and don't care about the time ... Beautiful
Our Group got bigger and William Organized everything we had on Table, he said they were the Sponsors for the night ... LoLs 
We san Guantanamera at least for an hour ! I was starting to feel super happy again and finding some sweet thought I once almost lost  

Jorge then walked me home... That was a long day for me , I had my first class the next morning and I knew that was going to be painful ! #RUM

excited to tell you more

Love Ju

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