Saturday, October 12, 2013

A trip to Explore and Rediscover myself Cuba Part I ( 4 ) Bye Holguin

For a Sentimental day, a sentimental post
For my last day in Holguin we went for dinner at a friends house
I have lots to say about the experience, but maybe I won't be able to pass the right feelings about it all ...
First the house, in the middle of the road far away from everything, little brown water that they have to boil to drink, news paper instead of toilet paper and pigeons inside a cage, they are food for that family

Everything so different to the life I have here in Canada, I know in Brazil families live very simple lives, just like that family that prepared a very special dinner for me and my mother with fish, shrimp and my favourite, rice and beans ...

But I was feeling so alive there, a 9 years old kid cutting a watermelon, a kid that talked like an adult even though she has little access to technology... Wait, maybe this is why she seemed smarter than the kids here ...

I know everything sounds a little sad and melancholic but it was just me seeing things from my point of view,  had an amazing time we drank loOots of rum, they made me feel super special and I felt home

Her mother told her she dreamed to much when she said that she wanted to travel the whoOole world ...

When her mom left I told her that she must keep dreaming because her dreams will take her wherever she wants to go 

Pigeons Cage on top of the House

Food Food Food

Happiness in Simplicity why did it take me so long to find that ?! 

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