Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happened !

When your Heart tell you something you better listen to it .

I didn't listen to mine yesterday and all what I didn't want happened .

Instead of stay home and finish my article I went to a bar , as soon I got there, I was walking around ... yelling ... and I see him!!! and everyone else that is around his life ( I hate them ) , again, all that blood pouring trough my throat ...

He sent me text messages judging judging judging ...

Everything that I didn't want to remember was facing me again .

I wish I could understand why the universe is doing that?! . Why I have to see him wherever I go .
Maybe it is to show me that I must be home reading all the time , or it is just to make him hate me forever .

I saw the day, and the sun was shining when I got home from work and that made me really happy .

I feel that I need to go away , see trees and swim . No coats or Boots .

I don't want to talk about this love , it is hard to erase things .

AGAIN listen to that voice who tells you what to do . If I had listened to my voice ... Well it doesn't really change anything anymore.

My mom told me to STOP .


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