Friday, February 19, 2010

First I am gonna tell you Why .

I am home alone.

It is Friday night and I bought six beers . I am writing the first article of my life for a popular Brazilian Magazine.

Maybe I am drunk already and I am crying because I am not too strong or too sensitive. I thought they were the same .

I am holding my tears because I wanna be strong.

I left my man . The one that I woke up with every day of my Life .

I feel like a broken hand and I am saying too many times to myself that I miss him and I am really tired of it , he is in my dreams and I don't want it . The last dream that I had was so brutal as what I did to him. I feel the guilt running all over my Body.

I keep asking if it was a mistake , now is too Late , even if you tell me " it is never too late " it is now .

When I left home I thought I was going to be happy and free . I was happy and free and I was too blind with my selfishness that I couldn't see it . I lost the man of my Life.

Today when I was at a photo shoot I felt really powerful , now I know, I am just paper and letters .

There is no pain Like Love .

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