Thursday, February 25, 2010


Person 1:

I am very tired ...

my life is like a puzzle

I was very successful




4:01pm Person

hi ...

4:01pm Taina

yes that's how it is, it is made of ups and downs , and the most important is



than focused

than loved

because when you are determined you love, love yourself, my friend (Budah Moderno) really thought me how to love my self I wish you could meet him but he went back to BRASIL.

4:02pm Person 1 :

some big some small we deal with stress and problems on daily basis

4:03pm Taina

yes WE do and then we have fun .

4:03pm Person 1:

I don't know how to describe my pain to you,

I just went too far

I did

4:05pm Taina

We are all made of pain ...

You don't have to describe

I understand ,

when we have an objective we go ahead carrying our pain .

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