Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.Fighting my Body before Love trip to Cuba .

... And if it was 2 years ago maybe I would understand myself.

I look at my Body from the Best view of me , my eyes inside my Head .

I always have to carry something in my hands . Blah .

I walk around , fix mistakes , make ...S .

I don't remember when was the last time that I wore a Bikini and I feel fat and weird not comfortable with myself and this little peace of clothing that I am wearing right now just to start getting used to it again .

I am a Beach Girl .

I grew up on the Beach the sun and me we were always ... aaaa

What's wrong with me ???

I am a Beach Girl . I don't want to act weird in front of the world around me ( or the swimming pool ) get scared and RUN AWAY pra la just because I dont want them to look at my Body .

I touch my hair, I shake my pony tail and anything changes it is the same fat me here sitting and Blah .

I am a Beach Girl .

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