Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The new member of the Royal Conservatory Community Choir !

Was it fun ? Yes ! All the time NO ! Why ???

1- Everybody in my class is older than me and I thought I wasn't going to " fit in the group " until they sang better than I ever could imagine...
2- My sight singing  is very bad, I gotta live from now on to be a master in that
3- I HAD THE MOST FUN EVER ! I love how challenging this will be and I am mega ready for it !!

   We are working on two pieces. A CEREMONY OF CAROLS an old British English ( yes I barely speak regular Canadian English here I go ... )  written by Benjamin Britten while he was in the sea ! Traveling from the USA to England, that makes me like this piece even more it's a looooong song ! all the way from 1942 to 2012 in my life...
* a mega awesome version of it here
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA0jkKXfQxA&feature=related

and my first time really going for it in French CANTIQUE DE JEAN RACINE, Op.11 , yes finally how awesome is that ?! This dude wrote that when he was 19 ! What a nerd ! He is just pretty magic awesome ! Well let's see how I am going to improve cause we get to perform, YES perform for everybody yay wearing black and holding the charts for the music... That's so Choir ... Loing it !!!
The French one

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