Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Very Big Problem .

Oh please , someone in this planet please Help me .

I am about to go for this crazy audition for a Hip-Hop music Video , and I don't know if I just get up right now and go to school or go for the casting !!! aaaa

I just got home from this Model's Agency and I was suppose to take my pictures in a CD for them , when I got there the CD was empty !!! Ow !

" Wardrobe:
Sexy, revealing, hot outfit.
Please note that if chosen for the video you will be wearing a bathing suit for one shot. "

How am I going to wear Like this after the mutations that my Body went trough ?! God God God now I am home sitting in front of the computer feeling that I am the last and stupidest human in this planet because I can't find a solution or do anything fuck fuck fuck !

It feels really sad that I missed all my last classes but the class that I love I am doing really well ... Aaaaa

What am I gonna do about this video ?! Jesusususus !

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