Friday, November 19, 2010

Faith to Save a Kid with Cancer

It's my Day off , I am leaving home in my usual day off hangover,
I have the Songs I like on my ipod and the Duffrein Bus won't make me hate Life, it's my day off.
I was going for a yoga massage with my mom and finally get to know what her work really means .
When I crossed the door and stepped inside the Clinic I saw this little boy playing with cars and two people who seemed to be his parents .
When he turned around to look who was there I noticed that one of his eyes was very swollen and as isntinct I looked deep in his good eye, smiled and said :
" Hello Cutie "
He answered very shy.
As I was waiting for my mom I set beside him and started playing with his cars ,
he was jealous
The secretary said that I would have to wait because they were an emergency case they came from very far to see my mom.
That was a 6 years old kid with very serious cancer and Parents with their hearts in their hands.
I could see that .
My mom brought them to her room, and 2 minuts after she came out and asked me to stay there too .
I set in a chair, we were in a circle and my mom asked some things that I didn't really hear,
he was sitting on his dad's lap , very scared .
When his mom started to talk she said that he had that Cancer since may 2009 , it started with little balls over his face and then he had a surgery to remove a big one in his belly,
but the doctors wouldn't remove the small ones.
Now it's past over a years and they didn't know what to do to save him anymore.
The diagnosis was that : He would live with that but he would never be cured, a little girl who had the same Cancer and died a month ago didn't live with that she couldn't even walk and there he was full of life, and for me he really seemed to be a normal kid, by the time his mom was saying that I was watching Cars 2 with him on my phone and thrying to hide her tears . I didn't want him to listen to all that again I imagine how many times before he had to...
We decided to take him to the Izunome Association, wich is a Japanase religion that is ll about peace and cure. They say that when you suffer it's purification and when you are sick you re going trough this process of purification, the same when somene you love is suffering you are going trough that with the person you both re purificating...
I knew they would find peace and faith there .
They left , I am here, I cried in bed.
How big my faith can be? Will I save him if pray evey day?!
I am confused , I love him already.

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